The COMBINE project, which is part of the IMI AMR Accelerator, organised a webinar on developing target product profiles (TPPs) for antibiotics on March 15th 2024. Excellent speakers from CARB-X (Erin Duffy), Evotec (Francesca Bernardini) and GSK (Gareth Maher-Edwards) discussed TPPs in relation to aims, scope and flexibility. This public webinar was attended by more than 160 people from the AMR Accelerator and external AMR community. A panel discussion was included to allow all attendees to interact with the speakers and was focused on TPPs across the development life-cycle: from drug discovery to clinical trials, taking into account both clinical pathways, the area of application and market considerations.

Want to continue the discussion? We are planning a follow-up webinar in June on how to develop in vivo screening cascades to support a specific TPP. The webinar will focus on how to choose the right in vivo model linked to a targeted TPP and provide case studies with different examples of TPPs.

Missed the COMBINE webinar on developing TPPs for antibiotics? Watch the recording on YouTube:

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