PrIMAVeRa – Targeted mupirocin-based decolonization for Staphylococcus aureus carriers and the subsequent risk of mupirocin resistance in haemodialysis patients: a longitudinal study over 20 years

Abstract: Mupirocin-based decolonization of Staphylococcus aureus carriers undergoing haemodialysis is not widely implemented due to concerns of mupirocin resistance. In our haemodialysis unit, a strategy combining universal S. aureus screening with targeted mupirocin-based decolonization was introduced two decades ago. In this study of haemodialysis patients, mupirocin resistance was assessed in blood and colonizing S. aureus isolates during two periods.

Mupirocin resistance in S. aureus was infrequent in both blood and colonizing isolates. Furthermore, in the years 2003–2021, a decreasing trend in the annual rate of S. aureus bloodstream infections was observed. Targeted mupirocin-based decolonization of S. aureus carriers undergoing haemodialysis is a sustainable measure for preventing healthcare-associated infections.

Authors: Hassoun-Kheir, N., Buetti, N., Olivier, V., Perez, M., Frossard, J., Renzi, G., Schrenzel, J., Saudan, P., Harbarth, S.

Source: ScienceDirect, Journal of Hospital Infection